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Saturday, 4 February 2012

A year I would never wanna live again PART III

My college had ended and I was eagerly waiting for my call letter from Ways2sms.com.
I didn't had to wait for long and received it on 16th August. Marriage dates were also out and the big day was decided to be 12th November. Unfortunately my training was going to be completed by 3rd November, so I had very less time to prepare for Mahila Sangeet after returning from training.

It was 15th August and I was doing my last minute packing to leave for Mumbai.
Aditi came at my home around 2, one and half hour before my train was about to leave.
I can see that she was sad  but carried a smile on her face. Today I also understood the importance she had in my life. I was going to miss her like anything but didn't knew how to tell her that.
She hugged and wished me all the best and threatened to kill me if I missed to contact her even a single day.
Training went smooth and I had an awesome experience. It was my last day at training and I was very happy to return back to Indore.

Only a week was remaining for the marriage and everyone was bit nervous, tensed and hell lot busy.
I was one who was the most worried person there ,as we had very less time left for the rehearsal.
Everyone was missing their steps and it was a complete mess on the first day of our rehearsal after my return to Indore.

Our group consisted of 3 gals and 4 boys. From our side we were 3 of us , me , my cousin brother and sister.
Remaining 2 gals and 2 boys were from bhabhi's family. We had developed a great bonding and sync when we practiced before my training period. But today everyone appeared out of form and sync. So I was eagerly waiting to see the same return when we practice tomorrow.
We had a recording of the complete parody and everyone was told to practice the steps at their home and come prepared the next day.

Our practice started at 9 in the morning and we continued rehearsing it till everyone was not exhausted.
It was a gr88 session and I could see the old form and sync return.
Our Parody was 45 mins long so it was taken care of that everyone had an interval to get some breathe between the songs. My participation was the longest which comprised of 40 mins with a solo dance also.

It was 1st November and we were all together to rehearse for the last time.
Everyone gave his/her best shot and our dance was appreciated by all the relatives who had come for the marriage and were staying at our home.
I prepared the list according to the sequence of dances. I checked with the host whether she was ready with her part. I called DJ and told him to reach the venue on time.
Everything was set from my side. I was really happy and wanted to enjoy the eve with aditi as I didn't even  meet her after my return from Mumbai.

I was a bit nervous though but i really cared as I was going to meet Aditi who was an ocean of happiness where a single dive can refresh and free you from all worries.

To be contd


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