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Saturday, 21 May 2011


Based on the true story (Names are changed)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…….All office employees were out of their cubicles, some to genuinely wish The Boss on his birthday and some for tempting Pastries and Pizzas…

Being in Human Resource Department, Priya was concerned for all employees’ presence. She was informally chatting with all and suddenly she looked at Aakash – A 23 years old boy sitting on his desk in computer Department. As usual, he was staring at Computer Screen and his fingers were tapping on keyboard with the Speed of Rajdhani Express . Priya went to him and sarcastically said.” Aakash, why don’t you just get inside the computer box? Your physical body is only OUT”..Aakash gave a pale look and smile from one corner of his lips..Priya smiled back and remembered first day of Aakash in office. She found him Intellectual Giant but very shy by nature. He used to talk very less. Priya admired his smile very much. First time, Priya saw him very happy when she told him, “I wish you were my real brother”…. Since then, Aakash used to share things with her.

Priya Didi..Priya Didi…She came back to present and saw aakash calling her. Aakash looked at her and was about to say something but boss called Priya immediately. Priya gave indifferent look and told aakash that she will be back.. Aakash looked outside the window, took a deep sigh and squeezed his eyes tightly…..

Priya was so busy in work that she could not remember about Aakash.Sometimes, we are so happy for our own happiness that we forget about others.Priya got engaged recently. She looked at her wrist watch and her mobile beeped with incoming message. Priya blushed while looking at her would be hubby’s message. She heard knock on her cabin’s door. She looked up..Aakash was standing there. Priya wants to rush to home and get ready for her Date. “Didi”..Aakash said.. “I want to talk to you".. Priya said lovingly by patting on Aakash’s cheeks..”we will talk later baby, your Jiju must be waiting for me”.. She winked at him and left.
Aakash felt a pain in his chest. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He sat there for a while and left.

Priya was enjoying best days of her life. At 10 in the night, her mobile rang, seeing mobile number of her boss, she received .There was a SILENCE from Priya’s end, her eyes were wide open, she felt numbness..she was just holding a phone..After hanging up, she sobbed so loudly..she could not believe words of her boss…”Priya, Aakash has committed Suicide..He is going to be taken for Postmortem. Do u have any idea why he did this? …Priya recalled.. “Didi, I want to talk to you”… She grieved and thought….” I wish I listened to my brother….I wish I could understand his SILENCE….


Vijay Menon said...

Awww..sad one :( It does matter a lot to listen to someone

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