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Saturday, 28 May 2011

My 1st date.....

I was really excited..Everything was going on gr88....I finally proposed the gal who loved me like juliet might have loved romeo and today was a special day for both of us..
Today was our 1st date..
I was busy asking some of the love gurus about their 1st date..where they went..what they did..??
Some suggested candle light dinner,few adviced to go for a long drive, while others said disc is the best option..

I was all confused and everything looked messed up as I was not even sure about the venue yet..forget the gifts and other surprises..
Finally a sentence from our past conversation hit my mind..."I want to go to ISKCON temple, I have never been there.Anky lets plan something in the coming weekend" was what she said.
Hmm so I was all relieved now as I have conquered the world or done something extraordinary..:P
But its really hard to decide venues when you have to plan for such special occasions...
So it was decided than we are going to ISKCON temple..I liked the idea as the temple was far from our place and also it was not in some crowded area..I was thinking about the long drive on bike..:)
well boys think that way...you cant blame..:P

I called her up and told her to get ready my 6 as I knew that she would take at least 1 hour for make up and all stuff and even in worst case we would be able to go by 7..
To my surprise she was ready on time...a rare thing in gals..:P
She was looking stunning in black top and blue jeans..She wore a nostril and had put on kajal , which in my view is enough for a gal to look beautiful apart from her natural looks..I was all lost but came to my senses by her a punch on my shoulder. "well you have the whole evening left to admire me..can we leave now" she inquired..

So finally our date started..

It was Saturday evening so the traffic was full on and it took us an hour to reach Bombay hospital.
Well people from Indore knows it and for others let me tell you that till Bombay hospital we have the main road but from their till ISKCON temple we have to go through a colony.

Roads in the colony are not well constructed..somewhere it was like GAV ki pakdandi...but whtever it was we had to go that way only..
I had gone to the temple only once so I too didnt knew the exact way..but I was sure to find 1 by any means..
It was winter times so it was already dark...There was only the light from my bike on the whole road..
I was all confused where to go because it was dark and all the roads looked the same..
"I think we are lost..I cant remember what path we took on my 1st visit to ISKCON", I said grinning..
She looked at me with surprise and anger..She was skeptical and gave a long and questioning stare...as in asking me what was running in my mind ...
I started talking all rubbish that I cant remember anything and how will we get home now..we are stuck in the middle and there is no1 around ...
Finally I was able to frighten her..she was acting like a small child who gets lost in a dark room and calls for her mother..I was enjoying her talks and those feeble punches on my back which we actually appeasing my back pain..
Finally we were able to find a human soul there. He gave a puzzled look on seeing us.
I told him that we wanted to go to ISKCON temple but were lost so can he help us.
He introduced himself as  a home tutor and told us that he was going the same way.
As all uncles do he too advised us not to come here so late and to be more cautious..
Finally we reached our destination the temple of LORD KRISHNA...
It was a beautifully built temple with small gardens on either side..The curtains were moved as it was AARTI time  and we were amazed to see the beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha..

After the aarti we took prashad and started exploring the temple..It was the 1st time other than the day I proposed her when I found her so happy.She was roaming in all around the temple like a small bird who had just learned to fly.Sometimes she wanted to sit in the garden while the other moment she wanted to go on the roof ..She kept on talking and laughing.. I was really complacent to see her that way..
Finally we sat in the garden and kept on talking till the time priest came and told us that the temple was getting closed.
We gave a Y do we have to go?? look to the priest and walked out as if we were some great devotee of Krishna and he was turning out to be an obstacle in our prayers..

"Its time to go", I told her...What happened next is all secret and confidential..:P
Nwys I really enjoyed my 1st date and was on cloud 9 on getting the response for the efforts which I made to plan the surprise visit to ISKCON temple..:)))


anuja said...

naam to batado janab

eternal love said...

when we meet tab bataonga...:)

Straight forward said...

I guess i know d name.. and the background story.. and what happened next too....... :P

eternal love said...

really..first may i know who you are..??

aamir said...

Nice incident ... very real and natural..!!

eternal love said...

thanks aamir..its actually a real incident...
keeping coming by more often..:)

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