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Sunday, 15 March 2015

The most memorable day of my life

As my college exams were over I was in full party & vacation mood.
Goa and Thailand were the two places on my priority list.

But my parents were all set to ruin my plans as they had decided to visit Jiran, too meet a relative.

I was reluctant in going to a village as I wanted to go to some happening place.
My parents warned me of cancelling plans for a foreign outing next year if I didn’t accompany them now. I had no other option than to go along.

When my friends came to know about my vacation plan they were laughing like hell.
They wished me all the best for my trip in a mocking tone.

I was really scared now.
Going to a village and staying there seemed to be a nightmare.
I was really pissed off as I had no clue of how will I even sustain the ambiance of the village for a day.

Finally the day came and we started our journey to Jiran.
It took us around 8 hours to reach the place.

As we entered the village, everything looked messy and obsolete.
The lanes were narrow and houses looked like the ones built before Britishers came to India.
People had so sense of fashion and hygiene.

Finally after 1 hour of crazy horn blowing, frustration and agitation, we finally reached the home of my mom’s cousin, whom I used to call Hari uncle.

They were waiting for us anxiously. As we got down they welcomed us whole heartily.
It had been years after I meet them so couldn't recall their face.

There house was very big and looked more like a historical monument which was not white washed for ages. There were no marble flooring and furniture appeared to be of Akbar's time.
They showed us our rooms and told us to get fresh as dinner was ready.

Our room had nothing to be happy about as it was as old fashioned as the house.
After having dinner, everyone decided to sleep as we had to get up early in the morning.

In the morning I asked uncle where we were going. He just asked me to follow.
When we came across a farm he told me that it was there's and they grew different vegetables like ladyfinger, cucumbers, green onions, pulses and cereals.
It was before dawn and the crops appeared dancing with the cool breeze.
The panorama was beautiful and so natural.
We have to get to the top of that hill which appears at the other side of this farm, affirmed he.

I was gasping for air as the path to the top was not easy and it took all my stamina to even stand still.
Come on my boy we have almost made it, exclaimed he. I could see a 50 year old standing at the top and motivating a young champ to take those remaining steps.
When I reached at the top I was completely tired and out of my senses. Suddenly a gust of cool breeze touched my face, blowing my hair. What I saw next was phenomenal, tiny extravagant shades of orange and pink appeared in the sky. Shortly after a fiery ball enhancement started to make it’s way beyond the mountain ranges at a distance. Sky was filled with colours of unexplained magnificence that had no known name. I felt like I am on top of the world with nature charming me with all it's elements.

After doing some yoga and exercise we headed towards our home as breakfast was waiting for us
After we were done filling our hungry stomach, I was in a desperate need of a shower as my complete body was stinging and sweating.
We will go to a nearby river side which is just 10 km away from here and don’t worry this time we will go on my bike, Hari uncle chuckled.
We were accompanied my father also.

When we reached the spot there was no crowd there. Uncle told us that this place was rarely known to the village people. In no time he climbed up a rock which was 20 feet high and made a dive in the water. 

Wow, that’s super cool I thought and tried myself too. I was feeling a bit nervous as 20 feet was not a small height, but then I made my move and went straight into the water. I could see small fishes passing by my ear; it was a breath taking moment for me, so natural and wonderful.
After doing different somersaults and relaxing in the free flowing water for some 2 hours we finally headed back home.
It was already 12 and lunch was at our disposition.
Dal Batti with a lot of pure ghee glued me to it. I loved having a lot of ghee in my food and this time I got exactly the same. I ate like a vociferous hungry boy.
We generally used to eat with spoons but this time we used only hands, and I bet food is more delicious when we use hands rather than spoons or knifes.

Finally the exciting day came to an end after we had our dinner which was equally delicious.
It was the most memorable day of my life as it got me close to the nature and also changed my mentality. I used to think that village people are nothing in front of us but I was proved wrong.
I got inspired and motivated by Hari uncle. Life is not so tough and complex as we think. Village people in spite of getting few basic amenities enjoy their lives to the fullest and the people living in city cry for petty things. It made me optimistic about the life I was living and also gave me the strength to face new challenges which were going to come in my life.

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