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Friday, 5 April 2013

Are we the slaves of our own minds?

So many times I find others and even myself, saying that “I could not achieve this because... I cannot do that because.... “  and we lament over these things... keep pondering how awesome it would have been had i achieved what I dreamed about!!! So much energy gone waste, so much time lost.... and we got nothing out of it. I accept that in order for some of our goals to materialize, the external factors are as important as internal factors. The internal factors are our hard word, dedication, perseverance...so on and so forth. Whereas external factors are things that we cannot control. Like bad weather not allowing us to go out, do our work, our own health concerns. And guess what... Murphy laws always come into play when I need them least and somehow I end up not achieving my target and then list ten things that led to the failure..  And I tend to think none of those ten things was my fault!!! thats how i keep the guilt off my mind... and yet mourn the fact that i am not where i saw myself headed.
But now that I think of all those things, I realize I wasn't sad because I was in a bad situation…but I was sad because I believed I was not in the place where I was supposed to be… May b I was in a better place than I aimed for!! But I am trapped in the cage of my thoughts, incapable to experience the beauty around me… Even if the current location is not so good, it is just part of the journey… keep treading the path, it will take you some place nice!  Sometimes in life, we don’t get what we desire but we get what we deserve, and what we deserve could be way better than what we desired!!!  Probably that’s why people say ‘Think BIG!!!’
Some of the biggest discoveries were not planned they happened. All great scientists and explorers had a vivid sense of imagination and an open mind. Soar high in the sky of opportunities with the wings of imagination and undying spirit!!


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