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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The bold step of my life

I lived with my family in a small town called Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. We were a middle class family which consisted of 6 members. My father was a business man and my mother was a housewife. I had a younger sister and 2 elder brothers. My sister was our little princess who was loved by everyone in the family. She had a dream to become doctor and wanted to get admission in the top medical colleges of Mumbai. We were against sending her alone to a new city but as my job location also came out to be Mumbai so my parents agreed to it. 

Mumbai the commercial capital of India has lot of opportunities for everyone. It was the city of dreams which had fulfilled dreams of many people. I also had a dream to own a flat somewhere in Bandra. I got a one room kitchen in Andheri for me and my sister. As her college was in Bandra so it was the perfect place to live in. My sister was a bright student from her school time. She was always good in studies as well as other cultural activities. Her enthusiasm and determination was appreciated by all her teachers and friends. She was an amiable person who used to jell well with others. It was her first day of the college and she was filled with energy.

 I gave her a hug and told her to concentrate on studies. As it was a new city so I advised her to be cautious while judging people and making friends. In few months itself we got comfortable in the new city. My office team was really amazing. It had some nice people which became my best friends. As we all were foodie so every weekend we used to explore a new restaurant. Blogging was my passion and I was really happy to meet some great Mumbai bloggers in various meets which were held once in a month. My life was going on smoothly until the worst weekend of my life came.

It was a routine weekend and my office friends suggested going to a bar. I was a bit hesitant in going as I used to not drink. My friends especially my senior insisted on trying it once. As he was my senior so I agreed to only taste it. After we went to the pub my friends drank a lot and got out of their senses. As I was also drunk, my friends insisted me to stay with them for the night. I agreed and stayed with them. Next morning when I visited my home I was shocked to see my sister shivering with fear and pain. Blood was coming from her head. When I asked what happened she started crying. I appeased her and requested her to tell what the hell happened. She told about a guy in her college whom she fell in love with. He was very loving and caring. Yesterday night when I informed her about my night out she asked him to come to the flat. What happened next was quite evident, she was raped. I went to police station to file an FIR against him. As he was the son of a local politician, police was reluctant in filling complain. 

It was time to take a bold step to provide justice to my sister. I used the power of blogging and spread the case on social media sites asking for justice. One of my lawyer friend helped me file a case against the culprit. My blogger and journalist friends provided the required media coverage. In no time the culprit was behind the bars. After this incident I took pledge to start a NGO which will work for providing justice to the rape victims. I will always remember this incident as a bold step in my life.

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