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Monday, 15 April 2013

The unnamed Heroes

We have couple of experiences in our life when we come across a situation when an unknown person has been a Hero in our life. I share two such instances here.
Firstly, I would narrate my experience- I was in 1st year, appearing for my engineering exams. I left my home at 8.30 on my two-wheeler, for the chemistry university exam. I was just on schedule, mentally revising all that I had studied till late night the day before. On a busy square in my way, I had to stop for a red signal. An overloaded auto was going by, but somehow the driver lost balance and steered towards my Activa. It hit the front wheel of my Acitiva, and as I was waiting for the signal, I easily left my vehicle as soon as the auto hit it. Activa fell on ground, I jumped aside. The auto rider disappeared from the scene in seconds, I was in a state of shock… people had gathered around me… I lifted my Activa with the help of a person and tried starting it. The engine started but the moped did not move… I was in frenzy, had to reach exam hall within 15 mins, but my vehicle dint budge. Just then a man came from the crowd while most people had left while some simple stood there and stared, but this gentleman started pulling the mudguard of the front wheel using his bare hands. It took him a great deal of effort to pull the metal outwards from both sides which were hindering the motion of the wheel. And finally, my active moved!! I thanked the man in a hurry and reached the center 15 mins late…did a while lot of explaining to the examiner and finally wrote the paper. If it was not for this gentleman, I would not have reached there on time and may be had to appear for that paper after 6 months!!! I always feel indebted to this man. I regret that I dint ask his name and could not thank him enough for the efforts he took for an unknown girl!! He is a Hero in my eyes!!
Secondly, I would like to share an experience from my friend’s life. Reshma had come to Mumbai on a couple of months ago. And she had to go to her Aunt’s place in south Mumbai. As she stayed in Powai, going by local trains was an obvious choice. She had little experience, so she asked a lady about the next train arriving on the station which would go to Parel. The lady told her the platform no and Reshma went to that platform, got onto the local train. But she failed to notice that she got onto a general bogie instead of a lady’s special bogie. It was a busy hour and got even more crowded at the next stop. And seeing a girl alone in such jam-packed train compartment, few boys took advantage of the situation and started pushing her on purpose and bothering her. Another boy was standing nearby saw this, and he came in front of Reshma and enveloped her in a way that the wall of the compartment was against her back, the boy in front with his hands on the walls so that no one could push her side ways. He only asked her the station she wanted to get down. Entire way he was standing rock solid, endured the pushing and pulling; and protected her without touching her even once. When she reached Parel, he asked her to always take ladies compartment from next time onward. Reshma thanked him and wished the best for him. I salute this guy for being sensitive and chivalrous to an unknown lady. He is a Hero in his own way!!
It makes me happy that I have such things to share. I salute all the men who have at some point or other helped a lady in the hour of need even without being asked for help. We respect and thank you from the depths of our heart. You are the real Heroes!!!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Are we the slaves of our own minds?

So many times I find others and even myself, saying that “I could not achieve this because... I cannot do that because.... “  and we lament over these things... keep pondering how awesome it would have been had i achieved what I dreamed about!!! So much energy gone waste, so much time lost.... and we got nothing out of it. I accept that in order for some of our goals to materialize, the external factors are as important as internal factors. The internal factors are our hard word, dedication, perseverance...so on and so forth. Whereas external factors are things that we cannot control. Like bad weather not allowing us to go out, do our work, our own health concerns. And guess what... Murphy laws always come into play when I need them least and somehow I end up not achieving my target and then list ten things that led to the failure..  And I tend to think none of those ten things was my fault!!! thats how i keep the guilt off my mind... and yet mourn the fact that i am not where i saw myself headed.
But now that I think of all those things, I realize I wasn't sad because I was in a bad situation…but I was sad because I believed I was not in the place where I was supposed to be… May b I was in a better place than I aimed for!! But I am trapped in the cage of my thoughts, incapable to experience the beauty around me… Even if the current location is not so good, it is just part of the journey… keep treading the path, it will take you some place nice!  Sometimes in life, we don’t get what we desire but we get what we deserve, and what we deserve could be way better than what we desired!!!  Probably that’s why people say ‘Think BIG!!!’
Some of the biggest discoveries were not planned they happened. All great scientists and explorers had a vivid sense of imagination and an open mind. Soar high in the sky of opportunities with the wings of imagination and undying spirit!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Budding Love...both sides of the story!

Her thoughts..
Why am I acting so stupid! If I keep behaving like this, the whole world will know, what I feel about him. Forget others, I think he is also suspecting something. And moreover, at some instances, his behavior is strange, as if he is also going through same phase. But the next moment, everything changes. I really don’t understand what is going on.
I am stupid enough to behave oddly and let out my feelings and perhaps he is clever enough to play along. Yes, actually I think he is just playing along, enjoying all the attention that he is getting.
People say, women are complex and its difficult to understand what they are thinking, but this is so not true. My eyes give away all my secrets. But it is so difficult to guess his feelings. He says something and his eyes seem to speak something else. And I do not get anything at all. That look in his eyes… what is that?? I keep wondering, guessing and hoping so many things. But I never understand the real meaning.
Sometimes it seems that he knows about my feelings and feels the same and wants me to know that. Sometimes it feels that he knows my feelings and just playing along flirtatiously. Sometimes it seems that he hurts me just to hide his feelings and sometimes it seems that he means to hurt me, to make me understand the reality that he is not at all into all this. And sometimes everything is a mess!!
Actually I think he is least interested, behaving normally like any other acquaintance and I am exaggerating everything. May be our eyes met just by chance (or may be because I keep staring at him!). And whatever he does, holds the gaze for a few moments very ‘normally’ or say ‘professionally’, the famous professional eye contact and all! Yes I think I am just exaggerating everything.

His thoughts..
I know she loves me. The way she looks at me gives away all, all her feelings that she tries hard to hide! And the way she looks at me, it just makes me crazy too!!
A girl with a golden heart, yes this will be the right description for her. She is not conventionally beautiful, but really cute. She is graceful, simple, mature and intelligent. Well the brain is mature, but at heart, she is so childish (This she will never accept). She keeps scolding and teaching me all the time about my bad habits and all. She does these things not only because she loves me, she is a genuine well wisher for everyone. She is kind at heart, and just incapable of hurting anyone!
Seriously sometimes I am really rude to her. But it happens sometimes, when you like someone a lot and just to hide your feelings, you behave rudely and end up hurting that person.