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Monday, 1 April 2013

Budding Love...both sides of the story!

Her thoughts..
Why am I acting so stupid! If I keep behaving like this, the whole world will know, what I feel about him. Forget others, I think he is also suspecting something. And moreover, at some instances, his behavior is strange, as if he is also going through same phase. But the next moment, everything changes. I really don’t understand what is going on.
I am stupid enough to behave oddly and let out my feelings and perhaps he is clever enough to play along. Yes, actually I think he is just playing along, enjoying all the attention that he is getting.
People say, women are complex and its difficult to understand what they are thinking, but this is so not true. My eyes give away all my secrets. But it is so difficult to guess his feelings. He says something and his eyes seem to speak something else. And I do not get anything at all. That look in his eyes… what is that?? I keep wondering, guessing and hoping so many things. But I never understand the real meaning.
Sometimes it seems that he knows about my feelings and feels the same and wants me to know that. Sometimes it feels that he knows my feelings and just playing along flirtatiously. Sometimes it seems that he hurts me just to hide his feelings and sometimes it seems that he means to hurt me, to make me understand the reality that he is not at all into all this. And sometimes everything is a mess!!
Actually I think he is least interested, behaving normally like any other acquaintance and I am exaggerating everything. May be our eyes met just by chance (or may be because I keep staring at him!). And whatever he does, holds the gaze for a few moments very ‘normally’ or say ‘professionally’, the famous professional eye contact and all! Yes I think I am just exaggerating everything.

His thoughts..
I know she loves me. The way she looks at me gives away all, all her feelings that she tries hard to hide! And the way she looks at me, it just makes me crazy too!!
A girl with a golden heart, yes this will be the right description for her. She is not conventionally beautiful, but really cute. She is graceful, simple, mature and intelligent. Well the brain is mature, but at heart, she is so childish (This she will never accept). She keeps scolding and teaching me all the time about my bad habits and all. She does these things not only because she loves me, she is a genuine well wisher for everyone. She is kind at heart, and just incapable of hurting anyone!
Seriously sometimes I am really rude to her. But it happens sometimes, when you like someone a lot and just to hide your feelings, you behave rudely and end up hurting that person.


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