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Thursday, 26 January 2012

A year I would never wanna live again PART I

Everyone was happy as the eldest son of the family was getting married. Aakash and Sonia were engaged and soon ,were going to get married. All were busy with some or other preparations and so was Aryan, younger brother of Aakash. He was given the responsibility of Mahila Sangeet and had to do his own preparations also.

Aakash was a software engineer and worked at Wipro in Mumbai.
He was a tough guy who had seen many faces of life in his small age.
One who was intelligent and cared for everyone around him but there was something very negative in him.
He was stubborn and short tempered. Doing things his way without listening to others perturbed all.

A middle class gal with high ambitions is what Sonia was. She was quite amiable and cheerful person.
Pune was from where she was doing her Interior Designing Course.
Everyone in Aakash family had an impression that a gal like Sonia would bring lot of happiness with her.
But fate had something different in store for all.

Aryan was a 4th year BE student who used to enjoy life to the fullest.
Gals used to find his handsome, charming and caring but he was a bit shy and emotional and hence used to
keep himself away from them.
He was placed in ways2sms.com a free text messaging portal in Mumbai and was thinking of settling done with bhaiya and bhabhi there.

He was very happy as a new member was going to be part of the family in the form of his Bhabhi..
He had no real sister and only 1 cousin sis who was very introvert.
Also his father and mother had no female siblings , so he always missed upon the love and care of female fraternity except his mother. But now as Bhabhi was going to come , he was sure of getting all that love and care which he had missed for years.

"What gift are you giving to bhabhi on her b'day" , inquired Aditi , his best friend and college mate.
I am planning to give something different and creative to her as she is an interior designer, a collage may be, answered Aryan.
"Hmm collage sounds to be a good option but get it framed also", she advised him.
Yeah i am trying to learn photoshop, remember the collage that I made for you.
Aditi gave him a smile but it was not a simple smile, there were emotions hidden in it. She was not only his best friend but also his biggest well wisher and somewhere deep in her heart she had a very special place for him.

I will make a collage describing the love cycle of bhaiya and bhabhi..starting from the point they meet till the confession of magical 3 words. It will look gr88 as a collage, exclaimed Aryan.
For that I need both bhaiya and bhabhi in Indore. Coincidentally it was Diwali time and both of them had got their vacations sanctioned too.

We are done with the pics and captions for the following stages of cycle
1. First time when they saw each other
2. Their first conversation
4. Their engagement ...exclaimed Aryan.

So 3rd one is the only stage left, inquired Aditi.
Yes it is the proposal one when bhaiya will be confessing those 3 magical letters to bhabhi and she would be accepting the proposal with a feeling of nervousness and happiness.

Dude you have to be on your knees as you did in your college days while proposing to your GF, I instructed my brother.
I was sounding like a love guru who had become pro in teaching people how to propose.
I took 4-5 pic of his and than went to bhabhi's place as it was her turn of accepting the proposal.

Bhabhi please bring some attitude in ur pose, gals normally give that while accepting a proposal...:P
I was done with the 3rd stage pics also, now the only work left was to get them together as a Collage via photoshop and than get the collage framed.

Tomorrow was bhabhi;s birthday and I was done with by gift.
The collage looked perfect in the frame which Aditi got for me. Thanks a lot dear if you were not there the gift would have never looked so beautiful. I am always there for you Aryan, Aditi said softly.
Well I am very much excited, this would be my first gift to her. I hope bhaiya bhabhi and rest of her family members like it....I bid goodbye to Aditi and went home with the gift...anxiously waiting for the next day to come...:)

To be contd........


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