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Friday, 17 June 2011

The Proposal Day

I was excited at the same time very nervous..
It was the D day..the day when i was going to propose the love of my life..

"Where are you dude", I inequired ..
"I am on my way, will reach indore in 20 mins"..Sahil said.
He was returning to indore from bhopal and I didnt even allow him to go home..
He was about to bring the cake and the gift which i had selected for her..

I was stuck with some family work and was not able to get them by myself..:(

We selected the venue as Sapna Sandwitch as it was the most romantic place I knew..:)
I told her that we would be going to Sapna Sandwitch as it was the best place
to spend quality time...The other factor was also that it was not big on pocket..
very affordable..:)
We decided to leave by 7 pm..

It wanted everything to go according to the plan..frm Sahil's surprise visit, to
my proposal..

We left at 7..I was continously talking to sahil while riding and this made her
a bit suspicious..I was also riding very slowly which made her more agitated,
bt i somehow managed the situation..

We reached the desired venue in 45 mins..

Sapna sandwitch is one of the favorite places for the young love birds,
specailly the college going couples..

There was a table reserved by me at the last corner of the resturant because I wanted
as few people as possbile to see me on my knees..:P

We started talking and ordered paneer sandwithces..
Half and hour later I could see Sahil approaching us with a big bag..
I knew the cake was big.. 2 pounds..:)

"Hey some1 is walking towards our table" ,exclaimed her..

"Sahil how come you here??", I inquired..
Today i am here to propose a gal..he said grining..

She was totally puzzled..what to say and what to expect..

Sahil took the box out and placed the cake on the table..
She was perplexed and at the same time mesmerized by seeing the cake which was
big and had a craving of a  man proposing to a gal..

By now she understood what was going on and why..

Sahil shrewdly kept the gift in my hand..without been noticed by her..

For the 1st time in my life I was on my knees before a gal..
People on the neighboring tables had their eyes glued on our table..
I was feeling really embarrassed and had to go to washroom..lolzz

After coming from washroom both of them started laughing..
I yelled at them and told them to keep mum..

This time I decided not to look anywhere else but in her eyes..
I took her hand in mines and went on my knees again..
I could see that happiness, excitement and love,  deep in her eyes..
I went ahead with the shayari I had reiterated and was the most romantic shayari
known to me..
Than I sang the song "Mai jitni Martaba tujhe ho dekhta ye lagta hai mujhe" and
got lost..
I didnt knew what I said after that as words started pouring out by themselves..

The last word which i could remember was "YES" said by her which I was dying to listen..

I was on cloud9..Sahil congratulated both of us and wished for our long term relationship..

Than came surprise part-II which was the gift which I had selected for her..A "Pendant"..
Its beautiful exclaimed her..

"Let cut the cake", said Sahil..
I told her to hold the knife and than took her hands in mine..
Cake was cut and now it was time for some face painting..

I steped towards sahil but found both of them coming towards me with lot of
cream on their hands as their ammunition..

I understood that the target was me..Gentely and slowly I was given the facial of
my life..Fully painted I was looking like a joker with a red cherry on my nose..

Sahil brought his dg cam and was busy clicking pics from different angle..
He also made a video when i was on my knees and I was about to kill him for this..

Finally we made our way out of Sapna Sandwitch..
A great day.."The D Day" fianlly came to an end..
Courtsey Sahil and ofcourse the love of my life..:)


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